Nobody wants to come home in the middle of winter only to discover their heat isn’t working. Unfortunately, all heaters need maintenance and even eventual replacement. But there’s good news! Before you pick up the phone and call your local provider or technician, there are a few quick steps you can take to see if it can be fixed on your own.

My Heater Suddenly Shut Off

Typically caused by an incorrectly set thermostat, a blocked air filter, or low fuel; first check the thermostat to make sure it’s using the correct settings. If you’re unsure about what these settings are, refer to the user manual for your unit. If the thermostat is indeed working correctly, check to see if your fuel tank is low to rule that out as a possible cause.
If you’ve confirmed both the fuel and thermostat are as they should be, one possible cause is a blocked air filter. When overlooked, the air filter can become clogged by dirt and dust—and can severely hinder your unit’s efficiency.
Additionally, be sure to rule out power outage to the unit by checking the fuses or circuit breakers that control your heating system.

My Heater Won’t Turn On

If you go to turn on you home heating unit and it doesn’t start up, your unit could need to be reset. Try pressing the “reset” button but be sure to only do this ONCE—as it can cause excess oil to backup and ignite. This button is should be red and found on a small box on your burner.
If this doesn’t solve your problem, you may need to replace the motor inside the burner assembly—which requires help from a professional.

My Thermostat Isn’t Working Correctly

Often times, when the heat is out, the usual suspect is the thermostat. Specifically, the power supply. Take a look at the display on your thermostat to see if you can spot a low battery signal. If you see nothing at all, chances are it’s a dead battery or faulty thermostat. Before replacing the batteries, follow the steps in your oil unit manual.

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